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Every month we add more and more valuable JFE content, all based on a particular industry trend or event, for you to explore and enjoy. You can browse through our previous pieces below, including "Looking Back to Look Forward" and "The Key to Our Collective Success".

Looking Back to Look Forward

At JFE Shoji Power Canada, collaboration isn’t simply a buzzword. It’s a critical practice that will help us grow as a company and improve the health of the planet and its people. Check out four particular articles from the past year, and see how we thrive by working together.

The Key to Our Collective Success

We have discussed the importance of finding strategic partners that share a common vision. In this article, CEO Ron Harper discusses JFE Shoji’s collaborative partnership with GEORG Manufacturing and how they’re expanding capacity for electrical steel component production in Canada together.

Breaking the Ice

Creating transformative change requires strong partnerships. Our CEO Ron Harper discusses the collaboration that allowed us to take the first critical step in decarbonizing our supply chain and creating the first power transformer in North America made from carbon-reduced steel.