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Every month we add more and more valuable JFE content, all based on a particular industry trend or event, for you to explore and enjoy. You can browse through our previous pieces below, including "Breaking the Ice" and "Shaping Our Future".

Breaking the Ice

Creating transformative change requires strong partnerships. Our CEO Ron Harper discusses the collaboration that allowed us to take the first critical step in decarbonizing our supply chain and creating the first power transformer in North America made from carbon-reduced steel.

Shaping Our Future

To accelerate the availability of clean electrical energy across the globe, more businesses and organizations need to turn aside the idea of competition and embrace collaboration. In this piece, CEO Ron Harper outlines how we can move forward on global decarbonization goals, together.

The Path Forward

Creating a sustainable society requires several transformational changes. But first, it calls for a shift in how we think and act. To move JFE’s commitment to sustainability forward, Ron outlines his path toward creating change and discusses the thinking that helped shape it.