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Enedym + JFE: Strategic partners in innovation.

It’s a relationship based on mutual objectives and shared beliefs. Read on about how these two forward-thinking companies came together to develop a sustainable and innovative solution for advanced motor core technologies.

Championing Decarbonization: Lessons for the Transformer Industry

Decarbonization continues to be a topic that’s top-of-mind for energy professionals and companies. In this webinar, CEO Ron Harper sits down with moderator Alan Ross to discuss our company’s commitment to carbon neutrality, and what others in the power industry can do to join the cause.

Supply Chain vs. Logistics

They are similar terms, but, in fact, hold very significant distinctions. At JFE, both Supply Chain and Logistics are critical to how we do business, yet it’s imperative to know how we differentiate them in how we work and how we think. To help explain, we’ve created this helpful infographic to define and contrast them.