JFE Shoji Power Canada Inc.

High quality products,
to client specifications.

Simple and effective.

Wound Transformer Cores (Silicon Steel)

A simple and effective design application for silicon steel cores for distribution transformers.

Accurately-cut and assembled.

Step-Lap Cores

A full range of efficient power core assembly sizes for small and medium power transformer cores. Reduces transformer build cycle time.

Power loss tested.

Amorphous Metal Cores

The most electrically efficient distribution transformer core material – achieves a reduction of approximately 70% in no-load losses vs. silicon steels.

Flexible and highly customized.

Flat Stacked Sheet Products

A full range of conventional GO and Hi-B steel cut configurations for all core geometries. Flexible and highly customized designs, up to 1,000mm sheet width.


Laser Cut Laminations

A full range of laser cut laminations for new motors, motor repairs and motor prototyping from a wide range of NOES materials.

We're one of the largest producers in North America.

Toroidal Core Products

Full range of toroidal cores made from all electrical steels, ranging in weight from several ounces to well above 200lbs.

On time, everytime.

Slit Electrical Steel

Our clients experience lower in-house inventories, improved cash flow and just in time deliveries.

custom products produced from magnetic & electrical steel materials.

Special Products

We work closely with clients in all applications requiring electrical steels and magnetic materials.