JFE Shoji Power Canada Inc.

Looking Back to Look Forward

Four pieces that outline JFE’s mission for collaboration

Over the past 12 months, our team at JFE Shoji Power Canada (JFE) has relished the opportunity to discuss and illustrate our work and our mission in improving the health of our planet and all those who live on it. If you’ve followed our content, you’ll notice a few key themes throughout. We’ve outlined the critical importance of modernizing our electrical grid, reducing the amount of carbon we emit and electrifying our transportation grid. In the bigger picture, we’ve also touched on collaboration and coming together with partners, clients and even competitors to ensure we’re able to reach these common goals. 

As you may have seen or read in the news, there’s a continent-wide shortage of electrical transformers in North America. Our electrical grid is the foundation for our economy and, currently, this shortage can put the task of building a sustainable model at risk. Through our desire for collaboration, JFE is uniquely positioned to be a big part of the solution in powering the continent from coast to coast and back again. 

To help illustrate this quest for collaboration, we invite you to look at the following four articles from the past year. Each outlines how our mission to build a safer, healthier planet cannot be completed in isolation. It comes through strong partnerships with like-minded companies and organizations that aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and answer the tough questions. 

The Key to Our Collective Success | June 2023

Starting off the list with our most recent entry, CEO Ron Harper pens this letter on this partnership between JFE and German manufacturer GEORG. This article touches on the long-standing partnership GEORG has with our parent company before discussing the two-part initiative we’ve established together. 

As Ron outlines, “I believe that the most important elements of collaboration between companies are a common vision, shared values and the mutual respect to work through difficult—and sometimes impossible—challenges… Through all these challenges, we found solutions with a collaborative spirit, often with the GEORG team leading the way.” It’s clear from our work thus far that we’re going further together.

Supply Chain vs. Logistics | September 2022

Likely the most colourful piece on this list, this infographic shows a clear line of differentiation between the definition and significance of supply chain versus logistics. But, the importance of having strong strategic partnerships is intertwined throughout this distinction. 

For example, supply chains specifically provide a framework for partnership and collaboration. 

Enedym + JFE: Strategic partners in innovation | December 2022

Check out this case study on another strong partnership we’re proud to have. In 2016-2017, the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre was looking for a local partner to collaborate with on electrical steel technology and materials development. Similarly, our team was looking for some standout applications that could take advantage of the unique electrical steels we were producing at the time. At that point, the magic began to happen.

It’s a relationship that was based on mutual objectives and shared beliefs. Read on to discover how the collaboration between JFE and Enedym continues to grow and flourish for both parties. 

Shaping Our Future | April 2023

We finish off with a second piece from our CEO Ron Harper. Here, Ron covers the bigger picture of how companies and organizations must move forward on our global decarbonization as one: “What if instead of focusing alone on how we can tackle these challenges and benefit from the opportunities, we consider how much faster and more successful we will all be if we work together, arm in arm…?” 

As part of the piece, Ron details an enlightening visit he had at the Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, which gave him even more context on the challenge ahead.

At JFE, collaboration can’t stop, won’t stop.

What really excites us is that collaboration and partnership isn’t a static organism. As the world evolves, so too will our needs. So, our search for strong, strategic partnerships that we so greatly value – like with GEORG, Enedym, PTI Transformers and so many more – will continue. If you believe your company shares goals and a common mission with JFE, please reach out to us through our LinkedIn page.