JFE Shoji Power Canada Inc.

Doubling Production Capacity to Meet Surging Demands

The Canadian division of Japanese giant JFE Holdings continues to lead the way in the rapidly growing demand for electrical steel materials and components needed to build our clean electrical energy future.  

JFE Shoji Power Canada President and CEO Ron Harper stated it is through collaboration with strategic partners that JFE seeks to stay ahead of the growing market demand. “I am very happy to announce that we are continuing to invest more in the machinery and people needed to continue to expand our production of electrical steel components for power and distribution transformers,” Harper said. “By the end of 2023, new equipment will be installed that will increase our production capacity for distribution transformer core components by a minimum of 40%, and our production capacity of large power transformer core components by more than double, as compared to our early 2023 production rates.”  

This severe increase in demand for electrical transformers has been garnering more attention lately within the industry and from government officials both in Canada and the USA. The surge is being driven by the construction of new renewable energy systems; the need to replace an aging grid infrastructure; the need to quickly expand the electrical grid for the conversion to electrical transportation and zero-emission vehicles; and the expansion of many other electrical devices needed in our modern society. The incoming wave of demand is also putting a strain on the supply chain for materials and parts production equipment. 

Harper believes now is the time to act to decarbonize our energy systems and increase their efficiency for the health of our planet and our future generations. “We have just launched a planning project with our strategic clients to assess how much further investment beyond what is currently planned is needed over the next few years,” Harper said. “It is JFE Shoji’s commitment to continue to serve the market and our strategic clients to support their growth objectives and plans.”

JFE has seen the greatest demand increase from residential distribution transformers and large power transformers. The company’s engineering and production teams are working hard to increase the pace of capacity expansion. “We are placing a priority on the safety of our teams, while significantly increasing the level of process automation to build supply chain capacity, resiliency and sustainability,” Harper concluded.