JFE Shoji Power Canada Inc.

Investing $20M in Canadian Operations

September 28, 2022, Burlington, Canada

Today, JFE Shoji Power Canada Inc. announced that it is investing more than $20M over the next 18 months to expand production of electrical transformer cores.   

JFE Shoji is one of the largest manufacturers of specialized electrical steel cores used in distribution and power transformers in North America.  

“The demands on expanding and upgrading our electrical grid and enabling the transition to more sustainable electrical power generation systems are significant. JFE Shoji is committed to being a leading company in the investments in our supply chain to support expanded electrification of our communities and the decarbonization of our emissions. There have been many challenges to growth in the past year, and we intend to meet those challenges head on with investments in people, production equipment and automation. Our mission is to create sustainability through efficient and clean electrical energy. We are happy and excited to make this announcement.”

~ Ron Harper, President/CEO, JFE Shoji Power Canada Inc. 

The company says that this investment will cover a full range of product areas, including production of transformer cores for oil-filled distribution and larger power transformer markets.  

JFE Shoji Power Canada markets and sells products and services to electrical transformer OEMs in all North American countries. JFE Shoji Corporation (Japan) has many production facilities around the world to supply electrical steel products and is a global production and services provider.